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Eyebrow Extensions

Yes they are a thing!

Used to reshape and thicken the eyebrows. The crazy world of eyebrow treatments moves so fast it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all, but did you know there was such a thing as eyebrow extensions?

I have noticed a few people in the lash forums asking about them and if they are worth training in so I thought I would dedicate a blog post to weigh out the pros and the cons for all to see and hopefully my personal experience with this treatment will give you all the information you need.

You can see from the before and after picture that the application of eyebrow extensions can really transform the brow shape, which in turn will frame the clients face. It is perfect for a client that has over plucked eyebrows, little or no hair from medical treatment or just naturally sparse eyebrows.

As the extensions are applied one at a time, individually to the skin, you can build the shape up gradually, allowing you to check with your client throughout the course of the treatment.

The extensions are very small ranging in 5 mm,6 mm,7 mm,8 mm and 9 mm in length, meaning we can matching the hair length to what the natural hair would of been. This goes for the same for the colour too. They come in all different shades, you will need to determine what colour the client would like at the point of consultation.

When it comes to the treatment I did have a client once decide that she hated the colour and we had to remove them and start again with a different shade of brown. Although they look perfect in the tray they can look completely different once on the clients face.

There is multiple appointments needed when carrying out this treatment. This is because the natural brows need to be prepared ready for the extensions.

Appointment 1: Consultation & Patch Test

Appointment 2: Brow Tint & Shape

Appointment 3: Application of Extensions

You will need to leave at least 24 hours between appointment one and two and then 24 hours between appointments two and three.

You must tint and shape the natural eyebrows to ensure they are all an even colour beforehand ( No one wants a stray grey in their fresh brows!) Also that they are shaped meaning no hairs in unwanted places, for example, in between the brows and under the brows arch.

Leaving 24 hours between the tint and shape will allow enough time for the hair follicles to close making it safe for us to work on the brow area again.

Something to consider too, the glue is attached to the skin, not a donor hair as we do with eyelash extensions. This means we patch test our glue on the skin and that the glue bond is easily broken. If a client has oily skin then the glue will simply slide off of the skin. Although we cleanse the skin prior to application, this bond between the skin and the brow extension will only be able to withstand a small about of natural oils as well as the day to day traumas we put our skin though.

The recommended infill time is two weeks, I had one lady who returned every fortnight but she only ever had 2-3 left, not a lot in comparison to what we had applied.

The Pro's and Con's

There are a few things that you must take into consideration with this treatment.

Pro's -

- Can fill in gaps

- Perfect for an event

- No down/recovery time

- Can be removed easily

- Variety of colours

Con's -

- Takes three appointments

- Only last two weeks, MAX!

- Glue bonds are broken easily

- Client must follow strict aftercare

- Longer lasting options are widely available

- Regular infills are needed

Overall they are great for an event, if you or a client would like something that isn't permanent like tattooing or microblading, but they do not last long.

Have you ever thought about getting eyebrow extensions? I would love to hear your thoughts.



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