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Why you should NEVER use cotton wool on your lash clients!

Although cotton pads and cotton buds are widely used by beauticians, it is paramount that they are kept away from your eyelash extension clients.

You must always clean the clients lashes before the start of their treatment and in some cases there will be makeup that will need removing.

What if I told you that using cotton wool would be putting your client at risk of a burn? As well as yourself and your client breathing in highly toxic fumes?

But how?!

Cotton wool is a natural fibre if a client was to use a cotton pad or a cotton bud around their eyes the chances are there would be some fibres left behind. These traces of fibre are very small and can go unseen.

Hopefully our clients will already know not to use cotton wool near their lashes for this reason.

When cleaning the lashes before application of extensions you must use a cleansing brush or lip wands. These leave no fibres behind and lower the risk of an exothermic reaction.

Disposable Lip Gloss Wands

An exothermic reaction is a reaction between two substances that generates heat, and quickly.

Due to the natural fibre that is cotton wool, it carries a high level of moisture. Moisture is what cures our lash adshieves but we only need a small amount.

As the amount within the cotton is too high, once it comes into contact with the main ingredient of lash adhesives, Cyanoacrylate, it shock cures the glue. Meaning it dries too quickly. This reaction between the Cyanoacrylate and the moisture creates an exothermic reaction.

This reaction is very dangerous and can cause fires, burns and toxic fumes.

Imagine your client had cleaned her lashes before her appointment with cotton buds and there were fibres attached to the lashes. Then we started to apply eyelash extensions! The risk of an exothermic reaction on the clients eyes does not bare thinking about.

Want to see what happens when eyelash glue is in contact with a cotton pad? Watch this video and wait for the reaction.

Very Scary! Please stay safe and keep cotton wool away from your lash adhesives.

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